Trouble actually exporting takes for retargeted then plotted skeletons


I’m having an issue iteratively saving out each take, for each character, in a scene with retargeting that has been plotted to skeletons.

The character which was the source driver exports fine, but the others are saving with no takes, though there is data in the Ascii of the ‘empty’ .fbxs

I’ve linked a test scene and the code in question at the bottom of this post. In the example scene, the “Vicon” character was the originally animated skeleton, and the “Unity” character was reading “ViconMan” as a Source.

Am I plotting the takes in an incorrect way, or missing some needed settings in the FBFbxOptions, or is there possibly some necessary way to register the character in the take beyond jus having keyframes?

Thanks for any guidance, I’m happy to clarify any particulars if needed.

sample code + scene + output

I’ve had frequent issues with fbx in ASCII, so I’d lazily suggest trying with binary.

Solved :+1: Thank you for the advice

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