Technical / VFX opportunities at UNSEEN Inc, a studio led by Ikumi Nakamura

Hello community!

The mysterious, paranormal, neo-cyberpunk team at UNSEEN is hiring all across the board on technical and VFX positions to work on site in our Tokyo terminal office or remotely (or hybrid😀), though for lead positions we tend to lean more on candidates on a similar time zone as Japan or willing to relocate.

The Tech-Artists Org community has always showed a very high degree of professionalism and we feel that UNSEEN will be a great place for Technical Artists and VFX artists to continue developing their career paths bringing ground breaking visuals to players all over the world.

  • Lead Technical Artist
  • Senior Technical Artist
  • Technical Artist
  • Procedural Technical Artist
  • Lead VFX Artist

Full list of opportunities here…

Japanese language skills are a plus but not mandatory if that is a concern so rest assured, you will be working with a very passionate international team, which you can also find out about our philosophy and team’s experience on our site above.

Thanks a lot everyone and hope to hear from all of you soon!

“We are borderless. We are artists. We work without being seen.”

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