Tech artist portfolio example

Hello Everyone.

My name is rizal, I’m a 3D artist with 5 years experience in animation industry and wanted to expand and transition to technical artist.

Do you have any example of what tech art portfolio look like. I want to know what kind of portfolio to get at least a junior job as tech art. For now i started to learn code in python and c++ (because I’m using unreal) and also i have an interest with shader too.

If you guys have any advice for me what i should learn and make as a starter and maybe some link to useful thread i would really appreciate it.

Thank you

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Perhaps demonstate how you overcame and solved a challenging problem, better than that how you utilized your math, logic and programming knowledge and experience to come up with algorithms to produce cool effects, or smoothen the production pipeline in any shape or form.

Coming up with any system that does cool stuff and if you combine that with interesting presentations, I’d guess you’d be unstoppable.

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