Software R&D Engineer - Digital Domain

Digital Domain in LA/Vancouver and Montreal is hiring.
Interested, send your resume to [email protected]

Purpose of the job:
Digital Domain is a premier visual effects studio. Our artists create stunning visual effects for top-tier movies like Avengers, Spiderman and Beauty and the Beast. The Software R&D team develops ground-breaking tools for the artists that let them achieve the seemingly impossible.
This position will involve working with a team on research and development of our flagship
neural rendering technology, Charlatan, as well as branching out into other novel applications
for machine learning in computer graphics. You will work closely with the Technical Product
Manager and Lead Deep Learning Engineer to develop strategies for improving the software
and exploring new ideas.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:
● Develop and support software solutions for artists. The tools and libraries you will write
will be used by artists to create groundbreaking visual effects and real-time media.
● Apply and adapt recently-published deep learning, machine learning, and data-driven
techniques to help solve the technical challenges faced by production.
● Write documentation, both internal for other developers and external for the user
● Participate in teams working on a common goal. This will include weekly meetings,
electronic discussions as well as active communication via project management
software (e.g. Jira).
● Keep abreast of the latest technology. The machine learning and computer graphics
communities are changing rapidly and we expect our developers to always learn.

● At least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science / Math / Physics
● Adept in both C++ and Python
● Experience with at least one deep learning framework (e.g. PyTorch, Tensorflow)
● Experience with at least one 3D DCC (e.g. Maya, Houdini) is a plus
● A solid foundation in mathematics. This job will require that you be able to read,
understand, implement and make improvements on the latest research. You should be
able to read a paper from SIGGRAPH and understand it. Specifically, understanding of
optimization techniques, statistics and calculus is essential.
● A broad knowledge and curiosity about computer graphics is very important. We solve
many, varied problems at Digital Domain.