Rotate constraint not work after keying on bones

I write a simple script to set keys on all bones.Here is the script.

bones ='joint'), cmds.setKeyframe( at=['t','r','s'])

before running this script, i could rotate my bones by rotating controls of these bones. But after running this script, i could only translate bones by translating controls, rotate controls would not let bones rotated.

I have no idea why this happed. Any help would be great helpful for me!

Take a look at the connections in the Node Editor.

when you key an object that’s already constrained, Maya will create a “pairBlend” node to reconcile the fact that there are now two transform inputs to the object. I’m sure it’s possible to create a workflow that utilizes the pairBlends, I don’t think it’s very common.

If you have a joint that’s already constrained to controls, you’re going to want to key those controls instead of the joints to do what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to get multiple animation inputs through to that bone, the most common way would be via animation layers on the control, not the joint itself.

Greatly thanksful for yout answer, this is really helpful. After reading this, I have solved this by filtering bones without controls and controls, rather than select all bones.