Red Storm - Senior Technical Artist

Red Storm Entertainment is looking for an experienced Senior Technical Artist to join our multidisciplinary and international team, working on Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland, where active communication and collaboration is crucial, and where people are eager to achieve the best player experience possible together.

As a Senior Technical Artist, you’ll work with industry-leading tools, within our proprietary engine, and collaborate with a team of Concept Artists, Character Artists, Level Artists, and Prop Artists to help create and optimize high quality technical art content for video games.

We welcome people working in our Cary studio or remotely within the continental US.


  • Enforce memory and performance budgets for artists and educate more junior members on them.
  • Oversee and implement optimization of levels and manage memory and frame rates.
  • Build automated and efficient pipelines based on the technology provided by engineering.
  • Establish best practices for art pipelines and workflows.
  • Report bugs, track issues, and prioritize needs.
  • Document, maintain, and present art tools and scripts.
  • Work with artists to identify and solve technical issues with existing tools.
  • Identify and solve art pipeline tool inefficiencies and propose new tool ideas.
  • Assist content creators with maximizing available technology.
  • Work with engineering to develop new technologies.
  • Provide Art assets as needed.
  • Implement major features and effects and help instruct others on how to help you implement those things.
  • Serve as a buffer between programming and art to make sure all artists understand the guidance from engineering and that all guidelines and optimization methods are followed.
  • Assist the Level Art team with performance budget and technical questions.
  • Mentor junior members of the team.


  • 5+ years game development experience.
  • Ability to solve and preemptively identify technical issues for tool development in game production.
  • Ability to educate others on content pipeline and toolset and have a deep understanding of the processes and pipelines.
  • Experience with modeling, texturing, and shading for games.
  • Experience creating environment art or character art/animation.
  • Demonstrated skills in advanced programming/scripting and ability to architect systems and pipelines.
  • Deep understanding of art asset/code/game hardware interaction. Able to profile and fix issues.
  • Advanced Art pipeline/asset optimization skills.
  • Knowledge of what makes game content run slowly and how to make it faster.
  • Ability to teach others debugging art for game engines.
  • Ability to change workflows and tools as needed and as new workflows and methods become available.
  • Must be an advanced communicator, both verbally and written.
  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to anticipate, prioritize, and organize work to meet objectives and guide others to meet their objectives.

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