Python UI Frameworks for Tools


I’m looking at different GUI solutions for python a general tool interface for distribution to a mix of 2d and 3d artists in at least two studios on Mac and Win10… Something to help wrangle scripted folder/file structures and manage extra plugin/extensions. I’ve been skimming existing threads on how to handle pipeline and logistics of distributing and maintaining it, but I was wondering about how to handle the GUI.

The options have evolved a lot since the last thread died on the topic and I’m curious if anyone has explored outside of the Maya PySide/QT landscape lately?

I really like the idea of having a wysiwyg (or approximation) editor for layout, but setup, distribution, and long-term maintenance have to take priority over fast-n-pretty one offs…

Stuff I see online…In alphabetical order…

Thanks in advance!


Qt5.12 is the current recommended GUI framework for the VFX reference platform.

I have a hard time recommending against it, either using PySide2 or PyQt5.


Started using PySide 2 recently, I really like it and its a lot of documentation online :slight_smile: