Python Developer - Hiring in Sparky Entertainment, Chennai



Sparky Entertainment India Private Limited, established in Chennai, in the year 2015, is one of the leading 2D/3D animation production and game development companies in India. The company is the Indian arm of Sparky Animation, with its headquarters in Singapore. Proven to be highly efficient and competent in delivering outsourced 2D/3D animation projects through meticulous planning and hard work, Sparky has been spreading its wings, expanding its territories and increasing its manpower.
Sparky Entertainment is now one of the most sought after companies by 3D animators in India for a career in animation. If you are looking for animation jobs in India, Sparky Entertainment is your destination.

Sparky Entertainment is urgently hiring Python Developers
*Thorough knowledge in core Python

  • Experience developing tools and Plugins
  • Good understanding of OOPS
  • Ability to adapt to changing needs throughout the course of the development cycle
  • Solid understanding of 3D math
  • Understanding of the threading limitations of Python, and multi-process architecture
  • Strong unit test and debugging skills
  • Knowledge in 3D Softwares like Maya is an added advantage
  • Good understanding of C and C++ language
  • Good knowledge in Physics
  • Interest in and ability to work collaboratively with technical and creative team members
  • Excellent communication skills

Interested candidates can send their resume to "[email protected]"