Noob Q: Automating a pipeline, python where to start looking?

so I often find myself in a spot where i have to do some tedious tasks, bringing assets from one software to another and concerting file formats in between. Same for some other team members.

So by now I’d like to create a standalone tool preferably with python that lets me create a smal interface and automization based on what i input.

My question would be what api/programm could be used for simple scripting and ui creation so i can create a smal standalone tool.

I’d love to create simple scripts to speedup some of my workflows but am at a loss where to start.

Sorry if this comes around as to green/newbie. I’d love to look into it a bit more and looking for a start.

Pipeline is a complex topic.
There are a lot of “out of the box” solutions, though they all have some complexity setting them up:
Open source:

  • Prism pipeline
  • Avalon
  • Openpype

Then the paid and more complete project management software:

  • shotgrid, formerly shotgun
  • ftrack
  • cgwire

If you want to do your own thing, python and PySide2 tend to be the standard. You will also want to look into server setups, SQL for example, is a good starter.

It is a big topic so good luck.


Thank you that’s a good start.

If you are looking for the basic stuff to start with here are the examples of super-simple Maya or Houdini pipelines.

Houdini stuff also includes a standalone tool “Project manager” with PySide2 UI.

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@Invi there are also some tutorials on both repos wikis regarding Python and PySide in Maya, Nuke, and Houdini.