ngSkinTools UI Crash

Hello. I am hoping that someone can give me a little direction on how to resolve my issue. I have been using Maya and ngSkinTools for many years now. And also have a configuration, so I can point several computers to the same plugin repository. I have several computers using the same plugins and environment variables without error.

I purchased a laptop recently.
i7 - 1065G7 1.50 GHz
16GB Mem

Every time I launch the ngSkinTools UI. I get the window title bar only. Then Maya will crash to desktop. I have now tried Maya 2019.3.1, Maya 2020.4 and Maya 2022.3. Same result with all versions. I have also tried several versions of NG, all with the same result. ( Yes, the plugin loads )

I am not versed in PySide2 or PyQt. I know that 2019 uses PyQt. And 2020+ uses PySide2. But I am starting to think that my computer hardware might be the issue at this point. I would appreciate any help in finding a solution!

Unfortunately, this won’t help you resolve your problem, but just so you know you’re not alone.

We came to same conclusion at studio I work, that it’s most likely hardware related.
Different versions of Maya (fresh installs), different versions of ngSkinTools, Windows re-installation, starting all from scratch - nothing would work.

My config was i7-11700KF CPU @ 3.60 GHz and RTX 3060, and it was failing each time; yet it worked on older PC from colleague, i7-9700K CPU @ 3600 GHz and GTX 1660 Ti. We have tried to change GPU on my PC, think to 2060 or something, still no luck. On other colleague’s PC who had same config as mine, ngSkinTools was crashing Maya also.
So, on some PC’s it was working just fine, on some it was crashing Maya few seconds after UI’s window bar showed (same bug you’re experiencing).
In the end, we found some PC configuration that was relatively similar to mine, but was able to run ngSkinTools without issues, and swapped PC’s (since other colleague wasn’t rigger, and didn’t need this tool).

P.S. We have opened ticket about this issue at official page two months ago, and got zero response (my studio bought license for this tool, we are not using free version) - think it’s pretty unprofessional attitude towards their customers, or free users just the same.

In fairness…it is just one dude developing it afaik.

Yeah, think you’re right about that - one guy, and he did a great job, tool is pretty neat.
Just don’t see how it changes things, whether it’s team of people, or a single person; when you decide to sell your product, it carries some responsibilities with it.

Simple response like, “Thanks for reporting the issue. I/We will check it.”, or something, would suffice, and be more appropriate, in fairness, than ignoring the submitted ticket.

Still keep thinking it wasn’t very professional attitude, though I might be wrong…

I don’t disagree, you’re paying for the software as well as the support

That said, his plugin is still the best alternative method for skinning in Maya, bar none.