Mystery file

This is a real stumper for me!

Back in 2022, I wrote myself a or a userSetup.mel file that was intended to open up a custom toolkit window on startup. And it worked!

The trouble is, it’s now 2024, and somehow in the past 2 years, I managed to bork it! Now when I start up Maya, it says the following:

# Error: line 1: name 'myRiggingToolkit' is not defined
# Traceback (most recent call last):
#   File "<maya console>", line 1, in <module>
# NameError: name 'myRiggingToolkit' is not defined # 

The thing is, I’ve forgotten where I saved that userSetup file, and I’ve had no luck searching my computer for it! I need to find it so I can update that broken line of code, but my PC seems to think the file doesn’t exist. However, I know I haven’t written that line of code in any path available to Maya. Believe me, I’ve checked thoroughly!

Is there some weird userSetup cache that I might not be able to find with just a cursory search? Can I override this mystery userSetup file with a new one? Would a fresh install do anything? I’m really banging my head on this one!

I’m running Maya2022 on Windows. Maya.env looks like this:

MAYA_SHELF_PATH = %MAYA_APP_DIR%\2022\custom\shelves;
MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH = %MAYA_APP_DIR%\2022\custom\scripts;
XBMLANGPATH = %MAYA_APP_DIR%\2022\custom\icons;
PYTHONPATH = %MAYA_APP_DIR%\2022\custom\scripts;

When you’ve done your searching for the file, have you used something like Everything (from voidTools)?
You could at least find all userSetup files that way and see where it is :slight_smile:

Excellent suggestion! The only userSetup files that Everything found was the newest version I created. It didn’t turn up what I was hoping to find.

Incredibly, deleting the prefs folder seems to have resolved the issue!