MotionBuilder 2022 - Python "Send To Maya"

I’m trying to look for the Python command in MotionBuilder that sends items over to Maya via the File - Send to Maya option from the menu’s. In Maya I can see that Send To Motion builder is mel "OneClickMenuExecute(“MotionBuilder”, “UpdateCurrentScene”);

I’ve been searching and only seem to find the same question with no answers. Has anyone found a way to do this with Python?


This looks like it, in the FBApplication class:

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Wow, thank you! I need at least 20 characters so, you are awesome too. :smiley:

No worries - glad to help!

I’m back with another question. :slight_smile: I’m not entirely sure how to run this. I get an instant crash. In this case what would be (FBApplication)arg1 in,
OneClickAddToCurrentScene( (FBApplication)arg1) -> bool

Docs: Help

app = FBApplication()

Sorry - I missed your reply, you need to specify which application:

From my understanding of the docs, you need to send a new scene first:

import pyfbsdk as mb_py
app = mb_py.FBApplication()

Though this causes a crash for me in 2022 too, so I think it is bugged :frowning:

Hey guys,
Did anyone find a solution for this issue? I am getting instant crash too.

I get the same thing. I noticed there’s a motion builder update but I haven’t tried since.

I tried it with Maya 2023 latest update too, get the same crash. I did find a work around but its sad that this issue is not fixed yet

What was the work around?

Since this is one of the few search results in google,

I’ll put this here from Maya to Mobu.

And… I guess it still crashes in MotionBuilder 2024. :frowning: