Motion Builder - Roll Mode via Python

Hiya, putting out a bit of an SOS for any Motion Builder pros out there. I have a background in maya/om2 tooling, but have been thrown in the MoBu deep end, so I’d be extremely grateful for any insight or hints! :pray:

I’m looking to access the Roll Mode attribute on a character using python, to automate swapping it from Relative to Absolute and vice versa:

I thought I was onto something with this RollSolver attribute in the FBCharacter class, but the documentation is minimal and I don’t really see what changing the attribute between kFBParamRollSolver70 and kFBParamRollSolver75 is doing - it definitely doesn’t seem to be affecting the Roll Mode the way I’d hoped.

I also found this older thread: [Motionbuilder Python] Character Roll Mode in which the answerer recommends the “RollExtractionMode” property, which unfortunately exists on the hikSolver in maya, not mobu :sweat_smile:

I’m finding most things when using python in motionbuilder to be really intuitive, so I’m sure it’s something I’m missing, or that I’m looking in the wrong place. The tech/support community for MoBu seems a bit smaller than that of Maya, so I’m just hoping this gets in front of the right eyeballs - like I said, I’d be super grateful for any help or hints!!


Proving once again that as soon as I post online about an issue, I will inevitably find the solution - the linked thread was right, “RollExtractionMode” was indeed what I was searching for, it wasn’t an exposed attribute of the class itself, but you can access it on an FBCharacter object by iterating through Character.PropertyList :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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