Maya, turn off Segment Scale Compensate and keep pose unchanged in python?

Bip001_Spine2_M’s scale is (1, 2, 2)
child bone Bip001_Clavicle_L turn off SSC, it got a bad scale
child bone Bip001_Clavicle_R turn on SSC, it got a good scale, I want to keep this result after turn off SSC.
I try to lower Bip001_Clavicle_R’s scale, but whatever I try, I just can’t get similiar result like SSC turn on.

I will import this to Unity at the end, which not support SSC and shear, so I have to find a way to turn off SSC and keep pose unchanged.
I have already take a look at this thread, but unfortunely, code doesn’t work in this case(or I use it wrong).

Here’s fbx file if anyone want to take a look