[Maya] Rebuilding Workflow in MGear?


Is there a simple rebuild workflow for Mgear?

  1. Adjust guides.
  2. You have to click “Build from Selection” again.
  3. A new rig group appears. (As opposed to using the existing one).
  4. Reskin the mesh to the new rig group (3+ step process. Binding it. And exporting and importing the the weights)
  5. Delete the old rig
  6. Manually run “delete the unused nodes” command just in case there are stray nodes.

In advance skeleton, it would be just

  1. Toogle Guides
  2. Rebuild AS.

Am I missing something in Mgear?

P.S. The documentation doesn’t seem to provide a workflow nor existing videos in Youtube.
P.P.S. I do recognize that it’s much more stable to completely delete the old and just use the new one. But in most cases where I just nudget a single pivot point, rebuilding with the existing set-up would make more sense.

I’ve tried to use mGear a handful of times and what you describe is exactly the reason I didnt get too deep into it unfortunately. Unless you take the time to build-in some automation scripts, which is totally doable…it seems like the sort of thing that should be part of the workflow from the jump.

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That is indeed unfortunate.
I do know its possible hearing from other people’s comments in forum/youtube but they don’t know show how.

I can do it manually, as you mentioned but having it as a built-in workflow would be nice.