Maya array Attributes- Are they supported?


Could anyone tell me if Maya supports array attributes?

The plan is to store selected face id’s within this attribute for fbx exporting to Unity. This data would be used to propagate assets to these faces. If Maya doesn’t support this, is there another way to do this? I was thinking a json file that is created with the fbx export but that seems a little messy.

Thanks in advance

You’ll need to do a couple of things.

I’ve done this in Max. One downside I’ve found, at least with Max, is that any custom attributes I try to assign programmatically doesn’t work. If I manually assign custom attributes, it works fine. It could be I’m doing something wrong in my Python/Maxscript but I haven’t dug in further to discover the problem.

Good luck!

Hi AlexJammer,

Regarding Unity I dont have a lot of C# experience. I have someone taking care of that side :wink:
My focus is within Maya to supply the face numbers by attribute. I believe Maya doesn’t support array values which is frustrating. I believe one work around would be to use a string attribute for the array. I’m not sure what the character limit is.

This AssetPostprocessGameObjectWithUserProperties() still useful to know. I plan to look at C# this year and that class will be very useful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help!

Maya has compound attributes to store arrays of values. I don’t use compound attrs often, I recall their mel/python scripting is a bit wonky.

Alternately, any string attribute can hold serialized json, which in turn may contain arrays.