Maya API 2.0 MPxContextCommand setResult method not accepting string

Hey there!

Is there some (un)known bug with MPxContextCommand’s setResult method in API 2.0 (Maya 2023/2024 - same issue in both versions):


I’m querying a flag value and trying to return string from command (in ‘doQueryFlags’ method), by setting result, but can’t seem to make it work - method will accept ints, bools, floats, with no issue, but when I pass to it a string, it errors:


(kFailure): Unexpected Internal Failure

self.setResult(True); self.setResult(123); self.setResult(0.2135)  # all of these work fine

Documenation says it accepts string also:

def OpenMayaUI.MPxContextCommand.setResult() 	

setResult() -> None

Set the value of the result to be returned by the command.  The value can be
either a boolean, integer, floating point value, or string.

No matter how I pass string to this method (tried with simple string, with trailing comma, tuple with string inside, list with string inside, etc. - whatever crossed my mind), it just won’t accept any of it.

Am I missing something obvious (or not so obvious), or is it a bug?
Is there some work-around (to make it accept string; not a work-around to create {int: string} mapping, and return int (which I’m using at the moment), or similar solutions), if latter the case?

Thanks in advance!