Matrix maya 2020

Hello, I just learned about matrix, it’s really difficult.
I want to rig a chain of bones like a tail. It will all work like normal hierarchy. Except that when scaling any control, the child objects within that control will not change (both in scale and position in worldspace).

I tried matrix but still can’t find the way, can anyone help me?

Of course, the attribute is still free so it can be easily controlled (That’s why I started with matrix)

Is Segment Scale Compensate turned on?

When this attribute is on, the joint compensates for the scaling of its parent joint, and so is not affected. When off, the joint’s scaling is affected by the scaling of its parent joint. Default is on.

I have tried both on/off. The problem is that the position of the child joint will move whether on/off when the parent joint scales

Maybe try locking the x scale channel on your controllers?

If it is a child object, even if it is locked, the object will still be affected

While what you said is technically correct, that’s missing the point of my suggestion.

Try locking the X scale on all of your controllers. Every single NURBS circle should have its X scale locked so that no X scale will ever be passed to the joint chain to be passed along to any children.

I still can’t figure it out, can you describe it more clearly :’(

hmm, I think I’ll try another way, although it’s a bit complicated. Parent each attribute attribute to a locator, and hide unused ones.