Looking for ideas for an animation/rigging tool to create for Maya

Hey, I am a games student and I am looking for ideas for a scripting project that I am starting. I have around 4 weeks to complete it. Please share any problems that you would like to see solved by a script within Maya that have to do with rigging or animation!

Oh you want a challenge? :slight_smile:

Learn about Richard Lico’s space switching workflow and try to recreate his tools.

That is an extremely cool idea, and it is in line with the world bake tool I finished making. I will give it a shot :slight_smile:!

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It’s been a while since your initial post but if you’re still looking for future tool ideas, one that every game studio always needs is a way to export multiple animations from a single maya scene.

For example, let’s say I have a jump animation…

  • Frames [0-20] are the start of the jump
  • Frames [20-40] are the in-air / “falling” loop
  • Frames [40-60] are the land

As an animator, it’s more convenient to author all of these in the same scene since they are related, but I need them to be broken into separate anims in-engine so the “fall” loop can play for a variable amount of time.

I need a way to mark up the scene with 3 separate “shots” which each have a frame range and name / export location so that I can click 1 button and export all shots as separate FBXs to be imported into unreal / unity.