Houdini/UE4 Procedural environment modeling for Autonomous Vehicles simulations

AnteMotion is developing a proprietary 3D automatic and procedural generation pipeline for civilian driving environments to be used for ADAS (Autonomous Driving) virtual testing and on professional Driving Simulators. Using Machine Learning upon satellite images, stereo images and laser scanning, we extract density distributions of population, area segmentation (e.g. residential or industrial area) and other relevant data about the environment to reconstruct. The pipeline scrapes also GIS providers in order to collect and compile files used for the traffic algorithms and terrain generation. The collected information is combined in the procedural generation of terrain meshes, street meshes, props placement (e.g. traffic signals and lane markings) and procedural buildings generation.

Job description

  • Joining the Houdini (SideFX) procedural team (2-3 peoples) dedicated to development of the Houdini pipeline for procedural 3D modeling of driving environments for Unreal Engine to be used for Autonomous vehicles simulations
  • Fully hands on in developing the Houdini tools and the connection with Unreal Engine

Required qualifications

  • Knowledge in using Houdini for procedural environment modeling (like race tracks, cities, etc)
  • Proficient programming in C++11 and Python 3

Desired qualifications

  • PhD or MSC in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent
  • Experienced UE4 C++ and Blueprint programmer
  • Working experience in real-time 3D environments and game engine is an advantage


In addition to the above, you will need to demonstrate the following skills:

  • Be hands-on and enjoy digging-into code and create new solutions and paths
  • Strong team leadership and communication
  • Proactive and positive personality
  • Interest in and enthusiasm for the automotive field
  • Good English level (written and spoken)

Contract: Permanent full time

Package: Depends on experience.

Work location: Office/Remote

Working language: English / Italian

Please send your CV, a cover letter and a description of your works to

mailto:[email protected]

Applications reviewed with strict confidentiality. Only applicants meeting the criteria outlined above will be contacted as part of the shortlisting process.

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