Fatshark - Senior Technical Animator

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The Company
Fatshark is an independent Swedish game development studio located in Södermalm, Stockholm. We are comprised of around 60 experienced and skilled developers that have developed a number of titles both independently and for publishers, as well as having worked as subcontractors for a number of AAA titles for both console and PC; most recently our critically acclaimed cooperative title Warhammer: Vermintide 2. We tackle every project, genre and setting with enthusiasm, professionalism and a cup of coffee.

As Senior Technical Animator you will take a central role in the character team. You will interact closely with Technical Art, Animation and Code to prototype new ideas as well as improve on existing pipeline and tools. The role requires you to have experience in designing and developing an animation pipeline for game development in Autodesk Maya. You will need to be an excellent problem solver and enjoy to explore new technical avenues. You will be in charge of creating high quality human and creature character rigs, both for motion capture data and hand key animation, along with facial animation setup and skinning.

At Fatshark all members of the team are involved in decision making. We are a small enough team to be agile, but big enough to realize great ideas together. In this highly creative environment where collaboration is key. It is crucial that independency and ability to manage one’s own time efficiently is paired with strong communication and teamwork skills. As Technical Animator you will play an important part in linking disciplines together, spreading knowledge about tools and incorporating animators and coders in the development of the pipeline.

What we offer
Here at Fatshark, we do what we love most: design high-profile games for PCs and consoles, with the passion and freedom of being indie. We offer you:

  • A fun, friendly and inclusive work environment
  • Hands-on production environment with an emphasis on cooperative/multiplayer games
  • Opportunities for personal growth with varied projects, experienced co-workers and recurring hack weeks
  • Regulated flex time and paid overtime
  • Development in Autodesk Stingray and LUA
  • Office located in central Stockholm

As Senior Technical Animator at Fatshark you will:

  • Interact closely with Technical Art, Code and Animation to improve existing pipeline and tools
  • Be a key part of designing and building an animation pipeline based in Maya for future projects
  • Create high quality rigs for human and creature characters, along with facial animation setup and skinning (for Maya and MoBu)

Required Qualifications

  • Excellent programming skills in Python
  • Experience of working with Technical Animation in the game industry
  • Extensive knowledge in improving animation tools and workflow
  • Experience in working with and setting up animation blend trees / state machines
  • Experience in building an animation pipeline for game development in Autodesk Maya
  • Experience in creating high quality human and creature rigs for game development, with facial animation setup in Autodesk Maya
  • Experience of working with and setting up the Autodesk MotionBuilder Human IK rig
  • Knowledge of working with motion capture data
  • Good understanding of the animation principles
  • Excellent communication skills
  • A passion for video games
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Excellent spoken and written English


  • 5+ years of experience in the game industry
  • Experience of scripting in Lua
  • Programming knowledge in C++​

Application Details
We will be reviewing applications and interviewing candidates continuously throughout the application period.

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