bakeResults to control rig of other character from maximo characterized fbx motions

for some reason, I can’t seem to get this working, I was wondering if there is anything that I am missing that someone else might be able to shed some light on.


I have this mixamo fbx file characterized and ready to go. When I manually bake the animation to the character’s control rig everything works fine. But when I try to do it via a short script with python it does not seem to work. Anybody knows what I am doing wrong. I am using maya 2018

here is the command.

ctrl_list =[] #l list of controller effectors

cmds.bakeResults(ctrl_list, hi=‘below’, t=(1,45), dic=True, sac=True, sm=True)

Thank you

try turning on echo all commands in the script editor and baking manually.
Then check the output and see which flags you may be missing,
and if you are passing it the correct nodes.

Why is the skeleton 2x the size of the character? That usually produces a bad result.

It seems that the ctrl_list is an empty list. Try adding the path to the top most joint to that list and see if that works.
The hi=‘below’ expects a top node.

Thank you guys for all your comments. I am still learning maya and animation as a whole. I am a programmer by trade. I will try the suggestions. thanks.