Animation Library Plug-in for 3Ds Max recommendation

Hello everyone,
Recently, I’m working on a custom plug-in in 3Ds Max for animation group of our company.
The plug-in could quick

  1. Search animation by name or key string or tags(for example, action, male, biped, etc…);
  2. Preview animation(by .gif file);
  3. Download /import animation to max;
  4. Save current animation.

I have completed a similar one before on maya at local PC for personal use.
Now it’s for nearly 50 people use, and local area network available, the quick searching function or searching by tags are really important for daily use.
I think I should move it into Database. As I know, for searching files, database is more convenient and efficient than python os module.
Our company uses the Microsoft Network neighbor for sharing the files, so can anyone give me some recommendation about database implement.

Thnak you very much.
Looking for your reply.
Yixiong Xu