3DS Max Python scripting documentation help


I am a long time Maya Python cmds user and I’m making the transition back to 3DS Max due to a change of studio. I am trying wrap my head around the documentation (or lack thereof).

I have read that the Python implementation in Max is just a wrapper for Maxscript… I’ve tried understanding some Maxscript but there does not seem to be any documentation for writing maxscript as Python :slight_smile:

So I am asking if anyone knows of any decent documentation that I could use as a starting point. I always wonder where these resources exist because someone must be using Python in Max within a professional setting.

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately the “docs” for pymxs IS essentially just the mxs ones.
Caveat being you generally (or at least I do as per the docs) start a script for pymxs with

import pymxs
rt = pymxs.runtime


Some things to note would be wherever and whenever you see something in the docs like
#Face , #Edge etc. that is the equivalent of rt.name("Face"), rt.name("Edge") etc.

One of the good things compared to say PyMel etc is that generally you get actual “objects” back in pymxs instead of strings and such.

Avoid MaxPlus seems to be the other advice to give currently.
2021 has py3 as well which is nice (if you’re using 2021, I personally advise to be on at least 2021.1 as vanila 2021 has some weird bugs with python that are adressed in .1)

There is some “snippets” here https://techartorg.github.io/max/pymxs_helpful_snippets/ that can possibly give you an idea of things to look at etc.

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