Zbrush plugin template ( Rust )

Hey everyone, excited to share my latest project: a ZBrush plugin development template built with Rust!

I struggled to find comprehensive resources for ZBrush plugin development, especially when venturing beyond the traditional C/C++ stack. So, after creating my first plugin, I decided to craft a template to empower others who share this interest.

This template serves as a solid foundation for your ZBrush plugin journey with Rust. It includes:

  • Essential boilerplate code: Skip the repetitive setup and jump right into the plugin’s core functionalities.
  • Pre-written common functions: Leverage handy functionalities readily available for your use.
  • Helpful examples: Get a head start with code demonstrations to understand the template’s structure and usage.

Why choose my Rust template?

Save time:

Grab the template from GitHub: [GitHub - IgorDmytrenko/Zbrush-plugin-template.rs: This plugin template provides a basic structure for ZBrush plugin development, encompassing both the ZScript side for UI and interaction, and the Rust dylib for handling the plugin's logic.]

This is awesome!! ZPlugins are a nightmare to develop and this helps not only to ease the pain but also to leverage Rust power. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks, fully agreed about ZPlugins, if you don’t have enought expireince in programming it’s quite tricky. I hope one day Zbrush will release API for plugin development.