Yaak - Senior Technical Artist (Unreal / Procedural Pipelines) - Simulation - Berlin, Germany

We’re looking for another TA to join our team:


As a Technical Artist (Unreal / Procedural Pipelines)

  • You build a robust procedural world creation pipeline which merges real world data and classical level design workflows
  • You work together with a small team from system design, level design & driving school experts to meet educational design requirements in the created 3d world
  • You are part of a small team of technical artists, engineering and 3D art to turn the design requirements into an immersive VR experience
  • You see where your colleagues struggle and lend them a helping hand whenever possible
  • You know how to plan your upcoming work in agreement with your colleagues’ needs

This role is both possible for freelance as well all full-time employment.

more details:

Hi Deiss,

I would love to work as a VR tech artist.
I’ve worked on some great projects from scratch to the finish line in a small “startup” teams as a lead. Also I’ve pitched VR projects in the past in the defense industry.

Do let me know if this opportunity is still open.