When to create UVs?

Should you create UVs for a character mesh before you bind ?

Hey John,
It all depends on your pipeline really:

Why do you need uv? For a uv based deformer or to render textures on an object?

Do you have a separated scenes to shade and to rig your asset or is everything done in the same scene?

Generally you want to get both UV and topology finalized before doing a final bind but you may need to do a lot of fast, cheap iterations as you get there.

For example, it’s a good idea to do test binds and a few test animations before you commit to finalize the model to make sure that the proportions of the model are compatible with animation goals, look good in the round, and can hit required poses.

But – you probably need good UVs before you commit to a rigged model that people will be used. If you have a reason not to want that you should crreate tools and a process to handle late-binding UVs --it’s not a guaranteed win out of the box

Awesome response ! Thanks Steve