What is this rig? Can anyone explain?

Hi there!

I came across this video on youtube.
Can anyone explain what this rig is and how it works?

Looks like some kind of “move along spline” thing or something.

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At guess, I expect its a spline-base spine that is partially constrained to a separate spline (though the video is confusing, the pink spline being trailed seems to wobble in the shot which makes it look like maybe it was somekind of visualization, no the actual animation driver. The green arrows look like tangent-and-position keys on the control spline.

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The “spline-base spine constrained to a separate spline” sounds accurate. Except I would call it more of an IK spline ribbon, utilizing both ik spline features and a ribbon-rig’s twistability.
Man the really cool thing here is when they dynamically add points. That is not something I thought about putting in my latest rig because moving forward like that wasn’t required, but its a pretty cool solution.