What does "Wrangler/Wrangling" mean in Job Desription?



Apologies for the basic question but I can’t seem to find any decent definition of a “Wrangler/Wrangling”

Phrases like
“Able to wrangle rigging”
“Or Wrangle creature rigging issues for artists in other discipline”

The closest definition I can find is a “Render Wrangler” - Render Wrangler — the person looking after the render farm. Most of this is automated at most places, but they might still ask a runner to oversee it.

Does that mean wrangle rigging means fixing other people’s mistakes or something like that?

Thank you for looking at my problem


Based on a very small amount of research and experience (not an expert), my best guess to the etymology is this:

  1. Cowboy-type jobs were referred to as wranglers (meaning “to wrestle”) as they had to physically handle horses and other animals
  2. Render wranglers have to “wrestle” or handle, render farms. Maybe it’s cool to feel like a cowboy, instead of a more boring job title.
  3. That whimsical title seems to be used in other contexts now, for rigging wrangling etc.
    Basically it seems to mean “handle”, “take care of”, “wrestle it to the ground”.

Hopefully someone else knows more, or could elaborate, but that’s my best guess.


This is pretty much it.

something wrangler = you are the person tasked with dealing with something on the day to day. Usually not a senior position, more entry/junior position.


Render Yodeling? Count me in… :smiley:


Thanks for the replies. That clarify things.