UUID management (Maya)

Hey there,
I am writing a tool for exporting UUIDs to fbx for Vizrt. It’s all working fine. The UUIDS allow updates in the other app. I am just wondering how people manage UUIDs when combining or merging geometry ? I believe, there is no programmatic control over UUIDs and they are automatic (*I think).

So my script makes a new attribute that copies the UUID. I suppose I could access that and write it again after the mesh combine to keep it the same so the new geo has the same custom UUID in the export (even though Maya will assign a new UUID to the actual generated geometry).
Essentially any tips on UUID management when you want to modify the objects but keep the UUID the same.
Sorry odd question!

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yes. managing uuids in maya could be a struggle. Can you provide a more specific example for your workflow?

Hi @AlanEddie !

I don’t have an answer to your issue just one common pitfall with UUID’s that I want to bring to your attention :slight_smile: If you are referencing the same Maya file into the scene twice, all objects from the references still have the UUID’s that are listed in the Maya file and therefore one UUID will describe 2 objects. So the “Unique” part of the UUID’s is not entirely true in Maya.

Hope that helps a bit.


Thanks all. So wrote the script… Copies uuid to a parameter that sticks with the object and feeds into the fbx file. Viz picks up on it. (They have a plugin that does this). So if I merge Geo etc I have a reference parameter I can maintain… Eg. If I want to swap objects and maintain the original UUID in the other app.