Unusual Maya errors on load

// Warning: file: tmp.ma line 6004: ‘wristHand_jt_R.inverseScale’ is already connected to ‘xxx_orientConstraint1.inverseScale’. //
// Error: file: tmp.ma line 6001: The orientConstraint ‘xxx_orientConstraint1’ has no ‘jo’ attribute. //

Hello guys, I get the above line when I open my Maya file even after saving it as .ma or .mb, it seems that something was broken with Maya. I never got this in this or any other file prior to this afternoon. How strange…do you know what can be causing this? Thanks…

PS: the file loads OK but I just get these things and it is very annoying.

OK, now it is happening on other scene files…and not just with joints and orientConstraints…

Do you have identically names objects at different levels of the hierarchy?

If you’re using references, make sure that everything is loaded under unique namespaces.

Hi guys, none of the above holds true. so this is very strange. I am using a Mac so it might be something with the permissions

The error makes it look like the file has somehow confused xxx_OrientConstraint with a joint. What happens if you delete that constraint?

same thing, it just creates an error on another node…hmmm…i hope that this is not related to my porn browsing

You may get some idea what’s going on if you open the MA version of the file - make sure the file actually does contain the duplicate connection.

ASCII “seems to be OK”. The weird thing is the errors happens randomly.

Now, if i create the scene in the current Maya session, it works fine even if I load and unload it.

The problem occurs when I do the loading on a NEW session. In all my 15 years of CG, this is the first time I saw this happen.

Any tools that run python threads during startup? One side effect of incorrectly threaded stuff is incorrect error message :frowning:

none of those. I will try and send this to my friend and see if he gets some errors as well…this might be an OSX thing

[QUOTE=ricoMambo;21190]// Warning: file: tmp.ma line 6004: ‘wristHand_jt_R.inverseScale’ is already connected to ‘xxx_orientConstraint1.inverseScale’. //
// Error: file: tmp.ma line 6001: The orientConstraint ‘xxx_orientConstraint1’ has no ‘jo’ attribute. //

So today I’ve ran into the same error in Maya 2014. If you create an orient constraint onto a JOINT NODE you can see in the Node Editor that it tries to
connect JOINTNAME.jointOrient to orientConstraint.jointOrient, but orientConstraint.jointOrient doesn’t exist. So when you open or reference the scene
you will see the error (line 173: The orientConstraint ‘orientConstraint1’ has no ‘jo’ attribute. // ). Maya tries to connect these to attributes together but

So here’s my work around…

  1. Save the scene file
  2. Open the scene file
  3. You will see those errors in the Script Editor (Since it can’t connect the attributes it then fixes your issue)
  4. Resave the scene

In the node editor you can pull the connections apart, but once you refresh the node editor they will come back (So I don’t have a script yet to clean the scene).

Hope this is the same issue. Couldn’t find anything online.


I can’t reproduce this

Make sure you are running the service pack fro 2014 Maya, that is why I can’t recreate the bug I believe.

Thanks Brad! I’ll test this out tomorrow. I’ll let you guys know if this fixes our issue.


I’m back! So upgrading to Maya service pack 1 did the trick! However if you have these errors even after upgrading you will need to just open the Maya file and re-save it. That should do it.

Thanks Brad,