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Hey All!

Epic Games is looking to hire a Technical Designer focused on Animation, who will join our Fortnite studio team and partner with Animators and programmers to facilitate the creation of animation behaviour tools/techniques/philosophies that allow the building of complex movement systems.

What You’ll Do
As a Technical Designer in Animation, you will use your animation sense and technical understanding of character animation to design and create animation systems that facilitate realistic and high-quality motion. Working with animation, design, and engineering colleagues, you will develop new tools and/or refine existing ones to ensure the animation/behaviour pipeline operates smoothly and efficiently. You will also help identify potential issues and deploy correct solutions, using your technical knowledge to help bridge and facilitate communication between the animation team and other departments, such as engineering and design.

Ideally, you’d have experience working for a studio focused on AAA games using Game Engine / DCC technology … (i.e. Maya / Unreal Engine and Blueprints etc)

Stuff you will do!

  • Design and implement animation state machines/behaviours and runtime solutions
  • Look for opportunities to improve the animation pipeline/workflow and help provide
    solutions for technical animation problems, including performing training and creating
    documentation for the animation team
  • Analyze, troubleshoot, and solve in-game animation implementation issues and animation-
    related technical challenges
  • Closely collaborate with the animation leadership to maintain the style and quality bar for
    animations in the game.

If this role is of interest to you then please do feel free to contact me via DM on here or via the community slack channel or via [email protected] or contact me via Linkedin Glen Ratcliffe

We are open to candidates in the UK/ US /Canada or Europe.

Hi Glen,

Is this position available for remote work?

Yes, we can consider remote work for this role dependent on the country the candidates plan to live and work in.

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