Technical Artists at Rocksteady (UK)


We have some tech art positions open at Rocksteady in London UK
Detailed job specs are on our site -

I believe we’re currently looking for 2 TAs, one is a position dedicated to supporting the character department (not rigging, we have a separate tech anim team), the other a more generalist role.

Please feel free to hit me up if you’re interested in applying! You can send me a PM on here, or message me on the slack.

Below are our studio’s benefits and a bit about our studio culture:

  • We try to make world class AAA games with only 160 staff by hiring great staff then giving them lots of trust and ownership on parts of the game
  • We have 1 team who all work in a single open plan room on 1 project so we are very close knit despite being a AAA studio
  • Relocation includes 1 month in an apartment, freight costs of goods and a personal advisor who helps you find a flat, set up a bank account etc
  • Private family medical & private personal dental care
  • World class training speakers hosted in our mocap theatre
  • Annual bonus scheme
  • Contributory pension scheme (You pay 4%, studio pays 8%)
  • Life Assurance and Long Term Illness Cover
  • On-site subsidised Masseuse, Yoga, Life Drawing, Parking & Haircuts
  • Quarterly salary & promotion adjustment reviews & an annual bonus scheme
  • Gym in the office complex
  • Access to entire DC catalogue on Comixology
  • Flexi-time so can start 8am-1030am and leave at 430pm-7pm
  • Weekly film nights in our Mocap theatre
  • Free Bootcamp sessions at lunch 2x per week
  • Football 2x per week at lunchtimes
  • RockClubs: Boardgame, Wargaming, Football, Photography, New Parents, Biking, Running
  • Pre-release screenings of WB films in their private cinema
  • Invites to WB London film premieres

Finally, I appreciate it doesn’t have many reviews but feel free to check out Glassdoor to see what a few of our team think of the studio:,21.htm


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