Technical artist positions at Adobe (Substance)

Hi, at Adobe we’re looking for a few technical artist positions:
1 Contract Technical artist in the EU - mid/junior level depending on skills
1 Senior Technical artist in France (Paris/Clermont Ferrand) - design or fashion industry background required

Both positions are an interesting mix of doing demo’s, evangelizing, making art, prototyping workflows and assisting customers. It’s pretty varied, much more so than the average production I’d say. The one key thing would be you should be very skilled with at least one of our tools (and I mean more know the ins and outs, working efficient, than just creating stunning art in a basic way), and you should be ok with a role that’s more customer-facing; meeting clients, explaining methods, teaching,etc… Texturing pipeline setup knowledge is a big plus too!

There’s also a recent graduate position, based in the USA (SF) that’s less focused on tech art, but honestly if you are good at Substance tools a tech art focus would be an advantage.
You can find the Recent grad position listed here.

Any more questions you can contact me, as all positions would work closely with me .I’ll turn on DM notifications to not miss any.