Technical Art Internship Hunt

Hey there,

My name is Sophie and I’m an aspiring technical artist for interactive media. Currently, I am searching for 3D art and Technical art internships for summer 2024 but it seems like there’s hardly any opportunities out there looking at LinkedIn and Indeed. This is my portfolio and I was wondering if anyone had advice for finding these opportunities, or even improving my portfolio to get there. For context, I am attending gnomon and will be transferring to USC for a masters in computer science starting this summer (fall, if I can find an internship) and I’m planning on significantly developing my 3D art and tool development portfolio in that time.

Unfortunately, the TA internship world is way too small – a lot of places, especially small and medium size studios, don’t think they can handle the mentorship and support needs of interns so opportunities are rarely formal and rarely advertised (there was one on here a month or so ago, I reposted it precisely because it was such a rare occurrence).

The best bets would be to look at large developers that have education or early career programs. These are not super plentiful but are much more common than <100 person studio opportunities. Here’s a couple to check out (note, this is for future readers to, unfortunately I did not see any TA specific ones in this go round but that could change):

Sometimes internships at smaller places get listed in the same jobs page as regular jobs – for example I know ArenaNet (~ 400 ppl, I think) used to have interns, mostly programmers, but I cant’ find any mention of it anymore – that might mean they discontinued the program but it might just be that those openings went up on the website and got filled and disappeared. Googling <company name> internship is unfortunately a bit inefficient but it may be necessary for less-than-enormous companies.

Generally TA internships are rare even at big companies, programming and production seem to be the popular paths. I was lucky enough to have some amazing interns come through at Unity but that program is on hiatus right now.

Employed folks – if you’re reading this, you should talk to your management about starting a TA intern program. It is often a hard thing to “teach” but it’s an investment in the future of the business.

I checked out the reel. My main observation would be that all of the stuff in the TA reel should get the same kind of treatment you did for the UE Project Cleaner tool – in TA reels, the context and the explanation matter a lot, especially since the first person who looks at it may be a recruiter who really has no context for what they are seeing. It does not have to be super exhaustive – the level of detail in the UE5 bit is about right – there’s no hard and fast rule but you will need to balance between “this description scans quickly” and “it shows how clever I am.”

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