Teaching the basics of object oriented programmin


I lead a weekly code review/tutorial session. We are starting to bump up against against object oriented programming because one user likes using classes in her code. However, many other the attendees only have a vague idea of what classes are and how they work. Can anyone recommend any good websites, blogs, etc. that provide a gentle introduction to this (at times hairy) subject matter?



I think a really good thing to do together would be to watch both these two videos and then talk about where to go from there as a group:

Classes are nice… sometimes. It’s important to know what they are and how they help – and not to get too hung up on them. A lot of OOP dogma comes from different languages with different problem sets, it’s important to have a bit of Python perspective on that.


Awesome! I have seen “Stop Writing Classes” before, and I thought it was brilliant. Yeah, you REALLY do not need to write a class for everything in Python.