TAO Logo revamp time?


@dox has come up with some cool alternate treatments on our decade-old logo:

Maybe it’s time for a site re-skin ( this way we’ll have plenty of time to create new T-shirts before next year’s GDC or maybe even SIGGRAPH)!

If you’ve got a cool pitch for the site design, post a mockup here and we’ll see if anything gets the community fired up.

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@dox sent me another one – but he ought to be posting these himself!


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OhKay, I’ll post any future stuff up here. If anyone has ideas about what symbolizes technical art or TAO specifically I would like to hear it. The two forward slashes have been the iconography but we could think about other visual elements that would speak to the community here.





I’ve replied to myself too many times so now I’m just going to edit this post.

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