Support for multiple names in rig file


Working on my autorig and deciding on a design feature - is there any reason to support multiple rig names inside a rig file? Multiple root nodes, for example. Like


At first I thought that maybe it could be useful, but the more I think about it the more I realize that I can’t think of any real reason to use something like this. Usually different rigs are created in different files and imported with different namespaces. If there’s say a combined character consisting of 2, like Ferra/Tor from Mortal Kombat, where one character sits on other’s shoulders, then it should either be single rig hierarchy or 2 rigs brought together into one scene, with namespaces.

What do you think? Is there any reason to invest time into developing support for multiple character names for the rig or not?

I’m talking just about the rigging tools, not animation tools.

I’d say 1 rig per-file is the norm.
As you say, you’d usually just reference those into another file inside a namespace to create more complete scenes.


@bob.w 100% agree - I don’t have any character specificity in the rig build, I use namespaces for that via referencing. It solves two things animation update mechanics and changes to character naming/categorization.

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Thanks for confirmation! =)