Squid Visual Arts on Studio life & thinkingParticles Setups - New Talent Interview

See interview @ https://youtu.be/XasWGVuKvAs

In this 1.5 hours interview, newly discovered visual effects talent from Cairo, Youssef Mahmoud talks about how his journey began, from a student game player, to owning one of only five VFX studios in Cairo unfolded. Youssef showcase his studio, Squid Visual Arts’ recent television fx project where he used thinkingParticles to create a library transformation scene with lots of flying books, fragmenting shelves and a lady genie! It’s always good to get to know the artist and listen in on their inspiring stories.

Here are the timestamps: (beginner-friendly):

  1. Library transformation thinkingParticles FX setup - [27:26]
    (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XasWGVuKvAs&t=1646s) (educational licenses available to students/self-taught freelancers, email [email protected])

  2. Moving jeep with zombies + bridge extension scenes setup - [1:01:42]

  3. Ground splitting and breakage setup - [1:09:57]

thinkingParticles 6 is @ Drop 8 Open VDB (volumetric database)
www.cebas.com/thinkingparticles ( reference: [https://www.openvdb.org/about/