skinUtils.ExtractSkinData, Import Skin Data, Scripting

Hi I want to have some things combine in a script but havent found a solution, i use 3dsmax 2019 and sadly chatgpt is really bad at coding for max scripting
can anyone here help me to get exactly this script fixed

if you do what the script does by hand, you will be making this steps

Extract skin data in skin position
snapshot to mesh
copy a new Skin (Skeleton) from the one you want to combine and have the old weights on
Import Skin Data and Match by Name

this way you have a newly mesh with a new skin that have a different skeleton

when you press combine skins in the script it combines the skins
But the script does not combine Perfect the weights
Can you take a look or tell me how can i script the functions i use everyday if you dont want to fix the script?

here is the link for the script

for testing you can simple select one mesh that have same names in bones and see what it does
I Included a Max file so you can test this in Head

for editing the script you can download that in my drive, you install in 3dsmax program files scrip you can read the readme, and the script im testing is the combinedetach skin in resources
if you can help please do, also if you can contact me and want to earn some us while doing i can pay not much but you will not be doing it for free
contact me on my discord
Thank you!
Script and test Max

Skin data transferal with the skin data tool is very fragile, especially via script.

After many painful years of working with skin data in max I have written my own tool for skin data transfer:

It is written in c++ and exposed to python (which can be executed from maxscript).
It is also in pre-release so the feature set is not complete, but as long as your vertex order is maintained the data will transfer. I will be adding position based transfer in the next few weeks.

Ok i thoght it was only for maya, and as i dont see a realease package, i didnt download, can you point me on how to install and use, and of course make scripts with it, my wrist grows an egg of how many time i do exactly the same in 3dsmax, and i would really appreciate the help, i can even donate if you want to spend some time with me on helping me make some tools that im sure they are pretty basic for sometome knowledgable :slight_smile:
please add me to discord and we can chat more fluently
also i use 3dsmax 2019, and i dont know if it wil be compatible the 2021 is the oldest you have :slight_smile:
thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:

Ah ok - no it’s not Maya exclusive but it does need python3+. Getting compiled packages to work with py27 is a complicated mess as they weren’t compatible with the standard py27.
For your case I would suggest looking into skinOps.

You can see an example in the tests for SkinPlusPlus: