(Senior/Intermediate) Pipeline Technical Artist (Engine - Snowdrop) - Massive Malmo, Sweden

Looking for someone with these qualifications to help build our Snowdrop DCC Tools:

  • Professional experience with using and customizing DCCs for modelling, procedural content creation and/or texture creation (we utilize Houdini, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Blender, 3Ds Max, Maya, Motionbuilder, and Photoshop)
  • Scripting in Python or C#
  • Experience with art asset optimization techniques
  • Experience with memory budgets and optimization
  • Solid game engine knowledge and experience (proprietary and/or Unreal or Unity)
  • Experience of multi-platform development is an advantage
  • If you have experience in any adjacent field (Level Design, Art, UI, Animation) we’d love to know as we often work cross disciplinary

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