Secure my rig in maya

Hey everyone !
I want to secure my rig file by hiding nodes in the node editor and not allowing deletion or addition with existing nodes ?
Thank you!

there are some ways to obfuscate the rig,
you could make nodes hide in some ways:

  • by turning on the intermediateObject attribute on the node
  • set the isHistoricallyInteresting to False on the node
  • if its a joint, you could set the drawStyle to None
  • you could add the nodes to a container node, this way the nodeEditor wont be able to display them correctly

as for making the nodes undeletable, you could use the lockNode command in either mel or python to make sure they cannot be removed

most of these things are done mostly for cleaning out the outliner and nodeeditor
if you want to make sure no one can inspect your rig you will be out of luck as experienced technical artists will be able to figure it out anyway and is in a way a waste of everyones time including yours.

only surefire way to lock away your logic is by putting it in plugin code, but even there people will figure out the logic by the way it behaves

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Hi @peerke88 ,
Thanks you for helping !

Just let the animators to reference the rig to their scene…