Rendering control objects in front (in Maya viewport)

Hi everyone,
I’ve seen multiple times that people have custom solutions for shape nodes in their rigging systems, that allow control objects to be rendered in front of all meshes (similar to ‘x-ray joints’ functionality).

Is there a way to implement something like this using OpenMaya only, or do you need to get into OpenGL/DX?

in the latest updates for maya (2022+ but you might need to install a seperate update) you can turn on the alwaysDrawOnTop attribute on nurbscurves to have this behaviour.

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That’s good to know, it sort of solves some of my problems. How about drawing surfaces this way?

onloy nurbs curves are supported this way, if you need surfaces then you will have to dive into c++ or python and use the drawmanager to set this up.

Alright, “drawmanager” is the keyword I was looking for. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

you can use this as a guide if you want to create a c++ plugin

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