Portfolio critique / feedback


I’m having a hard time finding feedback on my portfolio so thought I’d try my luck here. Any feedback and critique is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Portfolio page: http://laurakart.fi/

Since the title technical artist can mean practically anything, so what I mainly do is create tools for artists, optimize assets and work flow , and work with engine devs and artists to improve the art pipeline.
Started out as a 3D artist but gravitated towards being a TA.

Please tell me what sucks so I can improve it :slight_smile:


On your resume, it looks like the Projects section just repeats what you have mentioned in your Work History. I would just combine them in the Work History section - in other words just put the added details in the Project section into the Work History.

I like the look of your tool GUI’s - nice and clean. Images are good but sometimes people just like to watch a single reel rather than clicking and scrolling in a website. Perhaps combine all your projects into a short video and put that front and center, and people can explore if they want to see more images.