Plot to Control rig for extra body parts

Hi, I’ve been using Maya for a while now but MotionBuilder is still new, at least the rigging side of it any way. I’m trying to use two sources of motion. First is regular mocap with the Control Rig, which is fine. My second source of motion is fbx animation exported from Maya. I want to bring this into Mobu and use the plot to Control Rig feature to transfer the bone animation to a Control Rig.

My example below is just some animation on a pony tail. I made some markers which control the joints via relation constraints. I made a Character_Extension and added the markers and the constraints to. When I switch the source to control rig the extension shows up and when it’s set to none the extension hides it self. Maybe it’s not handling the constraint weight? Or do I have to setup another extension for the bones? I know I’m missing something. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example pose. :slight_smile:

After plotting to Control Rig.

I seemed to have answered my own question. Reverse constraints needed to be setup and added to a character extension as well. Maybe there’s an easier way?

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