Open Source License Options

I’ve been working on a tool for UE and I want to make it available as open source project for everyone to use. I am in the process of trying to figure out which open source license will diminish hesitation when deciding to try/use the tool. I know that major developers are usually very careful when it comes to licensing and often have legal teams that decide whether certain software can be used for production. I would love to get advice both from people who have released open source software and those who have gone through the software vetting process so that I can make the right license choice for my tool. So far I am leaning towards using the MIT license.

Thank you in advance


While your goals may be different, I’ve generally found MIT to be the easiest way to go if the idea is “I would like credit for my work but I’m not commercializing it”. Most corporate legal dept’s I’ve dealt with are fine with MIT.