Need suggestion on render to texture alpha depth issue

Hello, guys. I understand similar problem has been discussed before, but I my problem is a little different. And I think this is a very common issue. Maybe someone has already know a way of dealing with this problem.

I am creating LOD for high-density overlaid alpha planes. I created the low-mesh however I can not create the texture from render to texture. As render to texture only record the first layer of alpha / diffuse information.

I search on the forum, and see similar problem of creating foliage billboard. Render from ontography camera is the way to go. However this method is not suitable for my case, as the target mesh is more 3d.

Anyone anytoughts?

So you want to bake the texture from the high to the low mesh but you’re getting artifacts from the baker?

exactly. The artifacts come from the layered alpha panels which I can not get rid off. I wonder if anyone have a workaround to this issue.

If you render from an orhographic view but also explode the high-res mesh along the same axis as the ortho camera you’ll fix any sorting issues. Do you need the depth values?

I don’t think render from orhographic view will work as many other models I am working on is not so plane-like. I need a method which can do RTT sort of thing with layered alpha texture on it.

You can try doing it in UV space with Transfer Maps, but you’ll probably have similar issues. Maybe if you offset your cards outwards along their own normals, and then use the ‘closest to envelope’ search, you’ll get something like good depth ordering