[Maya] Unable to Create More Than One Soft Mod in One Mesh?


I’m trying to create multiple soft mode in one mesh but for some reason it just overwrites the existing one.
I checked the tools option and there is no option in creating a new one.

What am I wrong? AFAIK, multiple softmodes in one mesh is possible.

You can see an illustration of the problem below:


Okay this is so weird.
Just found this thread:

It suggest that to be able to create multiple soft mods, you need to modify the soft mod handle.
So by default, translation is (0,0,0). you can just move it by (0.001, 0, 0) and you can now create another soft mod.

Probably a feature I guess? haha. Since the thread above is a decade old and the behavior is still the same,. Still weird though. Didn’t expect that.

You can move it, and then undo back to 0,0,0. And I think it’s still fine.

a decade old and the behavior is still the same

That would be Maya. :slight_smile:

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