Maya Ncloth; Point to Surface / Collision Issues



Probably a stupid question, but I couldn’t find a solution anywhere. I’m trying to attach an Ncloth to a character rig, and I’m having trouble getting the Point to Surface constraint to work correctly. Whenever I run the simulation, the pinned vertices jump away from where I want them to be, even when the constraint is set to weld.

Cloth1 Cloth2

After some trial and error I’m guessing its because I have the cloth set to collide with the character mesh. Which makes sense, I suppose, but I need that collision to happen so the character can kick up his robes. Is there a way to exclude those 20 or so vertices from colliding with the character mesh?


Anyone know any work-arounds? Or am I just missing a weird setting somewhere?



You probably want to look into the size, or thickness, of the collider object and the actual sim object. Maya picks a thickness it thinks is best, but may not actually suit you.

Also, you could do a transform constraint on the edge of that skirt and then parent the transform created somewhere on the rig to get it to follow 1-1.

And yes, you should be able to paint the collision map on that object.

Good luck! And please color your rig controls. :slight_smile:


Ah! Had no idea you could paint collision or other properties like that, thank you!
Problem solved!

What’s wrong with everything being blue? /s
I assume it’s just for ease of identification, yeah? And I color controls using layers?


Layers are alright, but you can quickly end up with far too many of them, and it’s generally better practice to manage visibility more explicitly from within your rig anyway. Use drawing overrides - they allow any colour, and they’re connectable as attributes.