[Maya] How to set Rotation Tool to Quarternion?



In the Maya documentation, it states:

When Rotation is set to Quaternion, Maya calculates the animation of rotation . . .

I’m having a problem in setting the rotation to quarternion. In the rotation tool, there no quarternion option in sight.
For the axis orientation, there is only object, world, component, gimbal etc.

Is there some setting I am missing out or am I misreading the documentation?

Thank you for looking at my problem.


You don’t set it in the rotation tool – it’s an attribute of the animation channels for a given object. the poses at the keyframes will be the same regardless, quaternionization controls what happens in between the keys.

Go to the graph editor, find the object you want quaternions on, and use the menu Curves > Change Rotation Interp to pick a quaternion linear or quaternion interpolation style.


There are three different versions of quaternion interpolation, the docs will tell you what each one does.


Thanks for the succinct answer. Have a great day ahead!